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7 Tips to Help Make your Beauty Routine More Sustainable

7 Tips to Help Make your Beauty Routine More Sustainable

How to Make Your Beauty Routine More Sustainable

If you’ve been meaning to make some earth friendly changes to your own routine, we think there’s no better time than Earth Day and whenever you are reading this! 

Sustainable, zero-waste beauty routines have become one of the biggest beauty trends thus far, and for good reason, right?

Earth conscious consumers like you are not only on the hunt for “clean” skincare products and makeup, but also for ways to make their daily regimen more eco-friendly. So, look no further, we got you. Read on and find 7 tips to help make your beauty routine more sustainable.  


We all know recycling is important. Now it’s easier than ever to find eco-friendly packaging for our beauty products that we can either reuse or recycle. You can always look on the package label for the recycling icon to make sure you can do so. You can also upcycle certain products by getting a little crafty. Consider using an old jar or bottle as a DIY make up brush holder.

TIP #2: REUSABLE MAKEUP REMOVING TOWEL a.k.a. The Original Makeup Eraser

Ditch your disposable make up wipes for reals. Not only are wipes bad for the environment, but the fibers are typically harsh on the skin as well as the products in bedded in them.

The Original Makeup Eraser is baby soft and seriously removes all your make up before your first cleanse. Plus, you get 7 in a pack. 

These are great because you can reuse them for well over one year. It is the number one sustainable make a remover out there. 

BONUS EARTH DAY PERK 1 item = 1 tree planted. Every item purchased during the month of April will plant a tree in North America, thanks to "The Original Makeup Eraser"  partnership with the organization One Tree Planted.

Plus if you spend over $200 today 4/22 we will send you a free The Original Makeup Eraser 7 Day Set. 


You may not realize it, but the daily water you use can take a toll on planet Earth.

When washing your face, or during any other parts of your routine where water is required, don’t leave the water running. We recommend splashing your face with water and applying your cleanser with damp fingers before turning the faucet off.

Massage the cleanser over your face, then turn the water back on to rinse off. While it may seem easier to just leave the water running, this little bit of time can make a big impact over time.  


Finished a tube of mascara? Rather than tossing it in the trash, repurpose your old mascara wands. After cleaning them of any remaining product, they can be used to brush your brows or lash extensions! Or, wild baby hairs on your hairline. Use a little hairspray and Ta-Da!


Reusable shopping bags are nothing new, however, you may be accustomed to only bringing them with you when you're shopping for groceries. But what about when you're buying beauty products? The next time you need to stock up on shampoo, body products, skincare, makeup, bring a few reusable bags with you. 


Your beauty tools can be sustainable, too! Makeup blenders and brushes are a more eco-friendly alternative to using disposable applicators. Check out the new washable makeup sponge called THE SPONGE  specially formulated by The Original MakeUp Eraser using the same unique “WashTech” technology to erase makeup out of your sponge by simple machine washing.

You can also purchase makeup brushes made from recycled materials. 


Packaging can play a big role in the amount of waste caused by your beauty routine. To make your beauty routine more sustainable, consider reaching for products that have minimal or no packaging, like products without boxes or extra "bells and whistles" just for appearance sake. Start noticing when products have too many plastics or acrylics in their packaging. Glass packaging is heavy but certainly recyclable.

Treat yourself to some new skin care products created by moi, a licensed esthetician of 2 decades.


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