Face Cleansing Tip

How to Wash Your Face More Efficiently 

One of the most important things when it comes to a successful skin routine is cleansing. I know you’re all thinking “of course I cleanse my face before I put my moisturizer on”, but what I’m talking about is effective cleansing. If your skin is not properly cleansed, your beautiful serums and moisturizers will not work as effectively as they should.

Here’s the tip


  • Apply your cleanser to your fingertips before adding any water to your face or hands and massage it into your skin for 10+ seconds. 

  • Then add water to your fingertips to emulsify the cleanser on your skin for another 10 seconds. 

  • Rinse and repeat if needed. 

(if you wear a good amount of make up or concealer, I highly recommend a second cleanse. I also cell the Makeup Eraser which is an awesome first step to cleansing and great for the environment because it’s reusable!) 


  • Avoid washing with shampoo, body wash, or bar soap! These are incredibly alkaline to the skin and can damage the acid mantle which causes premature aging. 

  • Avoid washing with an acidic cleanse more than once a day. I recommend acidic in the morning and hydrating at night. 

That’s pretty much it! I know it sounds obvious, but a lot of my guests have seen major transformations with just working the way they cleanse alone. Try it, I promise you’ll feel a difference!

And if you need advice on what to cleanse with for your skin type, I am happy to schedule a video chat with you to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck. 

Thank you all, and happy cleansing!

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