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How to Pick Your Perfect Sunscreen

How to Pick Your Perfect Sunscreen



It's not a secret that sunscreen is not everyone's favorite product. Due to sheer choice overload and fatigue due to how many different types there are, we are also talking about unpleasant textures, the heavy weight of it, and oh yes, the greasy feel! Have you ever been so overwhelmed and clueless that you just grab "something?" and hope for the best?

So, yes, sunscreen has in the past at some point been a beast. We've all been there. 

But still, as an Esthetician I feel obligated to warn you about how damaging the sun rays are; how they affect your pigmentation, and how they cause you to look older faster by aging the ability of your skin to turn over fresh new young cells. But I do have good news! If you haven't found a sunscreen you love to put on and actually reapply, then I'm here to make sure you know what your options are and they might not be as bad as you think. 



CHALKY? No more, HEAVY? It's not the case, GREASY? It absorbs right in. Causes ACNE? No way. Not when it's clinical grade because you get all the benefits and you can choose based on your preferences.

I'm two decades deep into skincare and it has blown my expectations over the years with how many amazing products we now have at our fingers tips. 

If you are asking me to find you a sunscreen you will like, commit to and wear so your future face can thank you, well let's just say, it starts with minerals and ends with your personal preferences. 


All the clinical-grade sunscreens that I recommend are mineral based and have a broad spectrum of protection.

They are not made with cheap fillers and low-grade wilted materials. These products are high-end, will last a long time, and give your face the actual protection it needs. 

So, to start we are looking at Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide as the main ingredients of your sun protection. These will shield your skin from UVA and UVB sun rays, not only protecting your skin from:

  • sun radiation breakdown of skin
  • getting burned
  • pro-longed damaged
  • and drying it out and losing its natural protective barrier...

It is also important to note that it’s safe for your internal health because it doesn't absorb into your skin, but instead puts a protective barrier on top of it. Safe for the environment, these minerals are categorized as broad-spectrum sunscreen, 30 SPF or higher.


NEW! If you are looking to try something different these new sheer skin guard drops are anhydrous, reef safe, and protect against UVA/UVB/HEV and blue light environmental damage! LIRA SPF ELIŌDROPS 30 is a waterless delivery SPF that provides a more sustainable environmental approach. The combination of vitamin C (BVOSC), MASQtech, and zinc oxide gives these skin guard drops the power of protecting, brightening, and refining skin uniquely from Lira Clinical.



If you suffer from a mid-day shine you would love the Solar Shield 30 oil-free by Lira. This anti-aging moisturizer with SPF 30 has a matte finish and will leave your skin hydrated without the shine.

If you hate makeup but want to smooth out uneven skin tone, Alana Mitchell Tinted Physical Defense SPF 44 is the one for you. This anti-aging moisturizer with SPF 44 will lightly cover redness, dark circles, and splotchy skin leaving you feeling moisturized and glowing!


Do you have a base tan and SPF is just too white and chalky on your skin? Try the Sheer Zinc 30-Sunscreen by Dermaquest! This creamy, moisturizing (hydrating) sunscreen is perfect for just running errands, going on a hike, or even light coverage for a casual dinner out. 

There are three different shades to match your skin tone perfectly:

      • Nude is more for your light to medium skin tone to Caucasian, 
      • Sunkissed would be for tanned skin, and 
      • Tan would be for the deeper pigmented skin.


Do you struggle with finding the perfect sunscreen for acne?

If your acne makes you feel oily, try our Solar Shield 30 oil-free by Lira! It will give you a matte finish while keeping your skin hydrated, as well as treating your acne with healing minerals.

If you have dry acne, try BB Brite by Lira! This translucent BB cream is for all skin tones and skin types, but it’s special because it’s the only one that’s technically a moisturizer. It also has built-in lightening agents to heal, acne scars, and brighten dark spots.

Do you hate the hassle of many products for your face but still want all the benefits? How about the best value, and greatest skincare hack all in one clinical-grade skincare product? 

An all-in-one beauty revolution, our BB Crèmes can be used as:

    • Your daily moisturizer
    • SPF 30 sun protection
    • Medium coverage flawless foundation
    • Anti-aging serum 
    • Anti-inflammatory and healing ingredients to help soothe sensitive skin, especially after resurfacing treatments
    • Skin brightening, with Arbutin and Mulberry Extract 
    • Can be used as an under-eye primer 

If you are going to invest in your skin and you want a hassle-free and mindless solution to great skin, try one of our many LIRA BB cream shades! 



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