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Managing Your Skincare in the Fall Season

Managing Your Skincare in the Fall Season


Leaf Color Shouldn’t Be The Only Thing Changing With the Seasons…

The transition from summer to fall/winter brings cooler temperatures and a drop in humidity, creating the perfect environment for dry and itchy skin. So, as you pack up your summer beach wear and bust out your fall boots, scarves and sweaters, you should also implement a few changes in your skincare regime.

Here are a few Earth Esthetics skin care tips, from yours truly, to keep your skin healthy and hydrated during the seasonal changes!

Shower Yourself with Knowledge!

As the weather changes and temperatures cool, the inclination to take steaming hot showers is definitely a thing, especially for me!  Taking hot showers can strip your skin of its natural oils and leave your skin feeling dehydrated. That tight feeling means your skin is thirsty!  

The best course of action would be to curb the desire to kick up the heat and to be mindful that after we shower, our pores are open and ready to absorb moisture. Show your body some love and lock that moisture in with a body cream or body oil and your skin will thank you all day.

Face Fall Head On

Now that we’ve talked about keeping your whole body moisturized, let’s focus on your lovely face!

Masks are not just for Halloween… but be aware that not all masks are created equal and they should be used strategically during these drier, colder months.  There are hydrating masks for dry skin, enzyme masks for exfoliating, clay masks to detox and treat breakouts, etc.  You can use a hydrating mask as often as you like, but if you are exfoliating or detoxifying the skin, I recommend doing that no more than once a week.


Follow-up a hydrating mask with a good retinol . Now that we’re done worshiping the summer sun, it’s time to brighten up! Retinoids not only soften the appearance of pigmentation, but also plump up fine lines and treat acne. 

It’s also a good idea to boost your regular routine and layer on the skincare like you’re layering on warm clothes to fight the cold. A good product game plan to replenish your face post-cleansing would be a trusted serum to help prime the skin, and a ‘thicker than your usual’ moisturizing lotion or creme.  


And, as always, wear sunscreen! Just because summer is over doesn’t mean your sunscreen use should be. Even if you don’t get a sunburn, that doesn’t mean the sun can’t damage your skin. Make putting on sunscreen part of your daily morning skincare routine, whether it’s included in your moisturizer or you use a separate product to block the sun’s harmful rays.


Treat Yourself (and your skin)!

Lower humidity in the air can affect the skin's natural moisture barrier.  Essentially weakening it, which can lead to cracking, peeling and itchy skin. Investing in a humidifier for your home can help prevent these issues by adding much needed moisture back into your environment. Especially make sure to turn on your humidifier while running your home’s heater!

Thanks for reading!

For more skincare knowledge, visit HERE!


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